a little about me

My name is Heather Munn. I'm 30 years old and married to Paul Munn, whom you can find over at his pilgrimage journal... By vocation I'm a writer and a would-be assistant healer of souls. Paul and I host free spiritual retreats and try to live by the words of Jesus.

We live in a small Christian community, and take turns, among others, leading worship; some of the readings on this site were written for our church services. Others were written for our spiritual retreats. Some of these stories I've written simply because I love to write about profound, wrenching spiritual drama and the Bible is an inexhaustible well of it; and some I've written as a devotional work, because at no time do I enter deeper into the heart of a story in the Bible than when I am writing it, and this is one of the ways I meet God. Many of these stories I've written for almost all of these reasons.

I hope to continue. Expect more stories to be added to this site; if you want them and they don't come, write me and complain! I am currently working on a series of readings for the four weeks of Advent, to precede the Christmas reading "No Room." Eventually I hope to complete a full cycle of readings for the Church year.